Alain Prost

In 1990, Alain won the 100th Ferrari GP victory in the French Grand Prix. In the season, he has five wins in Brazil, Mexico, France, Britain, and Spain. Alain ranked second in drivers' championship due to the most controversial collision with Ayrton Senna in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Ferrari 641/2

The state-of-the-art 641/2 was technically advanced with a semi-automatic gearbox. Powered by a 3.5 litres V12 naturally aspirated engine, the 641/2 worked out in the 16 races season with 6 wins, 3 poles, and 5 fastest laps. Ferrari 1-2 were recorded in Mexican and Spanish GP.

Round 7 (French GP), hosted at the Paul Ricard new short track, Alain finished first by 1h 33m 29.606s and claimed the 100th victory. The 150th victory of Ferrari was achieved by Michael Schumacher in the Canadian GP of 2002 on Ferrari F2002. The 200th victory was won by Kimi Raikkonen in the Chinese GP of 2007 on Ferrari F2007. Round 14 (Spanish GP), hosted at Jerez for the fifth and last time as Spanish GP, Alain and teammate Nigel Mansell started the race behind title rival Ayrton Senna. The order changed after the pit stops mid-way and the retirements of various drivers including Ayrton. To maintain reigning the title, Alain was waved to pass Nigel and came back in Ferrari 1-2.
The 641/2 backed Alain and Nigel to overall second and fifth position in drivers' championship.
Ferrari ranked second in constructors' championship.

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